Responsible Gambling

I am a firm believer in responsible gambling. Gambling is a form of entertainment and should be enjoyed in moderation. The vast majority of people who gamble are recreational players, who play within limits and for enjoyment. But for some people gambling can become problematic. Help is available via numerous resources and tools, if you ever feel you need it, please do make use of them.

There are a few sections in this page. Firstly, there are organisations who provide resources around awareness. Lower down the page you will find an explanation of the various tools available at the casinos that are designed to help you control your play. The third section details tools that you can use to block yourself from gambling completely.

Gambling Awareness

There are a number of organisations dedicated to gambling awareness. They provide a vital service for anyone who feels they need assistance controlling their gambling, reducing it or stopping entirely. In addition to the help and support on the websites below, there are phone numbers you can call where a friendly voice is always willing to listen.

Using safer gambling tools

As part of a commitment to safer gambling, the casinos today offer various tools designed to give you control over your gambling. They do this in a number of ways, as explained below. Used properly, they can help you control both the amount you spend and the time you play. The exact terminology of the available tools may vary from one operator to the next, but generally the following tools are at your disposal.

Deposit Limits

This is a limit on the amount of cash you can deposit over a given timeframe. Most casinos break this down so you can control it over various different time periods, with the overall limit taking precedence. For example, you can usually set daily, weekly and monthly limits. Once this is done you will not be able to exceed the weekly limit in any 7 day period, or the monthly limit over any calendar month, irrespective of what the other limits are.

Individual product limits

Some casinos offer the means to prevent yourself from playing particular products, or to restrict the size of stakes you can play at. For example, you may decide to fully restrict any table games, but allow slots to be played up to a certain staking level.

Stake Limits

As mentioned above, these can apply to individual game types. You are able to define the maximum amount you can bet at any one time. As an example of why this is useful, it would prevent someone from significantly increasing the stakes attempting to chase a loss.

Time Outs

Take a break. As well as the financial side of gambling, people can have issues with the amount of time they spend on it. A time out lets you set a time period when you will be unable to gamble at all. Taking a break can help clear the mind. This is a particularly useful tool if you feel you aren’t enjoying your play, in which case please also consider the resources above.

Block access to online gambling

Gamban offer a free product that you can install on your computer or mobile phone and it blocks access to the websites and apps of all UK regulated casinos. You can find it on their website:

Note that they also have additional paid products that block all casinos worldwide. This includes casinos that are outside the scope of the UKGC.

The bottom line with gambling is that it is something that should be enjoyed. It is a form of paid entertainment and you will not beat the casinos, it is a mathematical impossibility. Please play responsibly, take time to think and enjoy it when you play. If you are not, please do make use of the resources on this page.