2023 review, casinos played, finances, totals

As per last year, this video will remain unlisted on YouTube as it is something a little different to my usual content. You can watch it below, or on YouTube using the following link:


It will be open for comments / feedback etc as normal.

The cost of making the bonus hunt videos

I discussed this at length last year and having read back over what I wrote at the time, my feelings are much the same. The intention of this video is to add some detail to the overall story. It’s there in black and white at the end of the video, there is only one winner.

Deposits and withdrawals

I have once again shown a selection of my deposits and withdrawals as I know some people like to see these. That said, it is clear from the viewing numbers of last years video that most people aren’t actually that bothered. I will continue to make these videos to give the complete picture, but I have kept it a little more brief than last year.

Responsible Gambling

As ever, please do gamble responsibly. There are links on the main menu of this website taking you to a variety of useful information around this topic.