Monday 25th March, 2024

CasinoCryptoLeoStart / reloads£1200
Bonuses achieved21End£0
No bonuses8Cost£1200

The casino I’m playing at here is CryptoLeo. It is a crypto only site and connection via a VPN is required to make the most of it. I’ve played my last few bonus hunts here and have been pleased with what I have seen so far. I am still looking at how best to use the site, one thing that has recently become apparent is that the selection of games changes dependant upon where you connect from. I will continue to review the site and will report back fully in due course.

Full details to follow, list of games below.

Games played (no bonuses in red)Stake (£)Cost (£)
Raptor – no bonus0.7560
Down the Rails0.614
Mammoth Gold Megaways0.686
Muertos Multiplier Megaways0.647
Power of Thor0.634
Spin and Score Megaways0.620
Power of Merlin0.637
Runemakers Doublemax – no bonus0.643
Secret of Anubis Doublemax – no bonus0.7575
Majestic Gold Megaways0.671
Wild Wild Riches Megaways0.622
Rocket Blast Megaways0.659
Extra Juicy Megaways0.7545
Yum Yum Powerways0.668
Runemaker Doublemax0.633
Barbarossa Doublemax – no bonus0.675
Christmas Plaza Doublemax0.7514
Dublin Up Doublemax0.7544
Florageddon Doublemax – no bonus0.990
Reef Pop0.746
Looney Pop – no bonus0.760
Bounty Pop – no bonus0.777
Tiki Pop0.76
Zombie aPOPalypse0.7513
Bounty Pop0.748
Papaya Pop0.7-17
Pop ‘O Gold0.7522
Vampire Riches Doublemax – no bonus0.844

I hope you enjoy this one. Any feedback, slot suggestions or other comments are welcome as always.

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