2021 review, casinos played, finances, totals

This video will remain unlisted on YouTube as it is something a little different to my usual content. You can watch it below, or on YouTube using the following link – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1rv3xHHi_hA

It will be open for comments / feedback etc as normal.

Please read on below the video for some further thoughts and conclusions, both from the play over the last year, and the progress made by my channel.

The cost of making the bonus hunt videos

There are a few reasons for making this video. Primarily, I wanted to address the disparity between the bonus hunt videos I post and the reality of the finances. I am aware that by showing bonus hunts, it tends to focus on the more positive side of my play.

I already post the costs at the start of every video, but I do appreciate that this is somewhat disconnected from what you see in the rest of the video. In a recent example, I had a horrendous run while collecting the bonuses, managing just 7 for over £800. The numbers are there in black and white, but this only gives limited insight into how it feels to run that badly on the day. The bonuses themselves then played out rather well, leaving me at a loss, but one that was nowhere near as bad as it could have been. As a result, the video taken in isolation appears as a rather successful session, with a number of good bonuses playing out. This is despite a loss in excess of £150 overall.

The other part of this that is difficult to get across in my bonus hunts is that I also have losing sessions which do not result in a video at all. An example of such is now available on my website here. It is not the most exciting video to watch, but again it is designed to give some balance to the overall picture.

The bottom line is clear and obvious – it is not possible to beat these games over any reasonable period of time, and I believe it is important to reinforce this point. If you watch this video and look and my totals over the period of last year you will see clearly what the cost of my videos has been. I will attempt to make this more transparent across my videos moving forward.

Deposits and withdrawals

Secondly, I have noted quite a few requests in the comments from people who are keen to see my deposits and withdrawals, presumably as they want to confirm the play is legitimate. I have said a few times before that I would not have any interest in playing these games simply to set a high score, the numbers on the screen have to mean something. If there is no chance of winning or losing, then for me, there is no point playing at all. Prior to this video you have had to take my word for it, but I have shown as much as I can (obviously with card details etc redacted) in the video here.

Responsible Gambling

Finally, I also feel that having built up an audience for the videos I make, there is a responsibility that comes with it. I am going to continue to make it clear that my videos are made at a loss, and I will also be adding an 18+ logo to the videos. On the website there are links to resources that help with gambling issues and to tools that can block you from playing at all.

I am also going to make a video talking about my approach to gambling within my means. I do play a lot, but I am very strict at sticking to the stake levels I am comfortable with. There is more to safer gambling than this, and I will talk about it further in a forthcoming video, which will be linked from here once complete.